Surprise on the GO!!! [Economy]


Surprise on the GO!!! [Economy]

Event Details

 5,500  4,800

 30 Mins

 Coimbatore Chennai

Car should be arranged by your own.

Cake and Gift boxes needs to be arranged from your side.

You need to make sure sufficient set-up time is available.

You need to ensure that all necessary permissions and authorizations are in Event location.

Setup will be done

12 – 17 Photo collage will be hanging on the setup.

Led clips and happy birthday hangers used this Event.

Electric candles to be used for additional lighting.

Decoration items will be provided on rental basis only, except Photos.

One of our best rated Bubblz Coordinator will be present at the venue.

Decoration will be done on your own Vehicle.

This surprise will not include Cakes.

For this set-up to look more complete, please add 20 Helium balloons for Rs. 1999 extra.

100% in the event of cancellation. Cancellation must be initiated 48hrs before the Event.

For anything additional which is not mentioned here, charges will be extra.

Although we use all reasonable safety precautions, we cannot be held liable for any casualties arising at any stage.

NOTE: Share the exact location of this surprise to our team before 24Hrs of the Event.


Birthday Surprise on the GO – A car will be standing on the roadside with all your cakes and gifts in the boot/trunk. You should make the guest to open the car’s trunk .The guest will able to smell the feel of surprise while nearing the car, and  will be surprised  with all the photo-collage and gifts that kept in the boot space. This will make the person speechless for few seconds. If you want to have any personal voice note, you can play in the music system while the person is opening the boot. You will be more surprised to see the person with lots of happiness in their eyes.

Add on for Surprise on the Go:

Capture the special moments with our best Photography team and make a memory forever.