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Pay us when you earn – On confirmed bookings .

Confirmed bookings

Get confirmed bookings and not leads. We take care from customer enquiries to bookings. You can now just focus on the execution.

Bubblz Partner Promise

  • Confirmed bookings
  • On time payment
  • Professional customer care support


Top notch customer support to ensure hassle free experience between client and vendors

We are awaiting to see you on board with us.

Kindly submit your basic details with us. We will get in touch with you to get your catalogue & other documents which is to be sent to our partner approval team.

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Once we get a go ahead from our partner approval team, your services / packages will be made live. Congratulations and welcome on board

Get New orders not Leads!!!

Thousands of customers enquire with us for their party requirements. Upon customer confirmation, we will check your availability to proceed with booking. We will handle from enquiry to conversion by providing top notch customer service.

Handle event on time with quality service.

  • You provide punctual and quality service as per the booking details on party date
  • One of our event coordinator will be assisting you to provide quality service to the customers.
  • On time payment, we detect our service fee and transfer the balance amount to your bank account at the end of every month. An email with complete settlement details will be shared with you.