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Why to surprise your loved ones?

As boredom kicked me up, my mind started pondering over the question like, why do we need to surprise our loved ones….????
Soon my thinking started to sound loud, and yeah, that loud sound opened up some astonishing answers.

To give a kick start over this topic, but wait….kick starting is outdated!!! So to give a self start, I believe that surprising our loved ones will strengthen the bond between us. So this moments reminds me of that pretty surprise given by Jack to Rose, which literally moved her, eventhough Jack didnt surprise her with-as wealthy gift as her fiance Hockley’s….So this reveals that, surprising your loved one knowing their need means a lot!!!
A happy relationship always proves to be the best one……Oh and Yeah!!! Sharing happiness is indeed one of the best things that could happen in everyone’s life.”Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own”.These words of Robert A.Heinlein actually prove true!!!

So folks, if your time is bored enough as mine, comment down your personal reasons like, why do we need to surprise our loved one!

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